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Sailing -Surfing - The Channel Islands - Ocean & Nature - Music & Recording Technology

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Studio for Coverunner - Home for 15 years.
"Shearwater" - 34' Catalina in Santa Barbara, California.

NOW PLAYING on Coverunner Radio on Ocean/Island Music streams 24 hours a day. Anyone with a 33.6K or better connection can listen to this collection of sailing and ocean tunes, Folk/Rock/Reggae music, new local songwriters and bands. Just click the Coverunner banner at the top of the page and log on to listen.

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Can't find any info or CDs for sale for some of the artists played on Coverunner Radio? Well, it might be that they are from, a member of the ParrotHead webring. They've supplied us with lots of new music for you to enjoy. Click the logo at left to go to the Artist Roster.

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Got a boat, surfboard or dive gear to sell? Have a vacation rental, houseboat for rent? A small business you want to advertise? List it on COVERUNNER CLASSIFIEDS for $5.00 per month to hundreds of other listeners with simular interests.

Coming Soon: We'll be offering radio spots on Coverunner Radio for as little as .50 per day/spot (1.50 Primetime - 30 day min.) Send a thirty second message to the one you love, advertise your small business, sell your indie CD,  car or boat on internet radio for as little as $15.00 a month!

"Frodo" - Del Rey 24 I found for $200.00 bound for Mexico soon!

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...sailing, surfing, music, technology....sighhh!"

Click to read the interview in the Easy Reader Newspaper.

Click above to read an article on Coverunner Radio in The Easy Reader, our local beach newspaper.

Editor and Station Manager, Noel Diotte. Click to hear NPR interview.

Coverunner on National Public Radio

Noel Diotte participated in a radio program about INTERNET RADIO on NPR  station WAMU, Washington, DC. Listen on Real Player. CLICK PHOTO and scroll down to October 16, 1:00 pm - Internet Radio.

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Read the Interview at chose Coverunner Radio as its Featured Station in January 2001. Click above to read the interview.

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