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Coverunner Classifieds
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Here's a number of stills I pulled off the Hi-8 video: The Storm of '98. That winter served up weeks of big waves. The road next to the sea wall was torn up from the surge of the waves undermining the soil. All the sand was removed from the beach down to bedrock. We were entertained for weeks with big waves and the locals who rode them well. Scroll Down for Current Surf Report.

Big Winter Surf

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Jeremy Griffen takes off at the Redondo Beach Breakwater. Recently, he's been surfing large Hawaiian surf, so our biggest California surf seems to be no problem for him.

Surfer at Redondo Breakwater, January 2001.

The El Nino storm of 1998.

Above- Waves flooded over the rocks next to the Chart House Resturant. Below- Waves stripped away all the sand down to bedrock, exposing old pilings from a 1950s pier that we never knew was there.

Remains of an old pier were uncovered!

A boogie boarder lines up for the big left slide at the Redondo Breakwater that usually ends in a pounding close-out (below) at the end of the ride.

Looks makeable.....

...but, it usually isn't.

Below - The beach at the end of summer with all it's sand (and buried trash).

In the summer sand builds up as small waves lap the shore. In the winter, waves remove up to 15' of sand.

Holli, our Golden Retreiver wonders where all the beach rats have gone to. Unfortunately, they haven't reappeared since the deluge

"Where's the rats? The beach ain't fun no more!"

Paddlers at Redondo Beach Breakwater

Here's the link I use from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography for watching the wind and swell patterns in the Santa Monica Bay (near L.A.).  It shows the swell strength  and direction from both north and south swells.

Best Value - Best Service: 436 x 60

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King Harbor Marina, Redondo Beach, California

Home for The Coverunner

It's all here - great location, clean environment, quality service and a lot more. They have docking accommo- dations for everyone from the overnight guest to the long term liveaboard with vessels up to 83 feet long. Our boat, "Shearwater" is on the left in the background. Bring your board and your wallet! There's a great surfing beach (Redondo Breakwater) just across the parking lot. Afterwards you can stuff yourself at the excellent restaurant, The Chart House. Let us know you're coming and we'll help find you a good spot for your boat and show you where you can find everything that you need.

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