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Wade Barrett & Eliane Delage

Wade Barrett & Eliane Delage of the band, WADE.

Wade Barrett and Eliane Delage from the band, WADE (blues, jazz, funk, rock) came aboard Shearwater on May 6th to record an interview with me for Coverunner Radio. They brought their guitars and sang a couple of songs as well.

Wade Barrett

Lead singer, Wade Barrett hails from Connecticut and grew up in Cincinati, Ohio. She began performing on stage at age 5 and fell in love with music and the theatre. From age 9, she studied classical guitar (with Mary Brett) and classical voice (with Ruth Milliken & Lucibelle Anderson) and was very involved in music and theatre at school, performing in several local and state-wide competitions and recitals. Wade began writing her own music by age 15 and joined her first band in high school.

At 18, she won entry to the University of Southern California' esteemed Acting Program, graduating four years later with a BFA degree in theatre, and an award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance given to her by L.A. Theatre philanthropist, James A. Doolittle. She was accepted to the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica where she studied American Method Acting. She credits the teachers there with shedding light on the true nature of "Art that Wounds" and with enabling her to become a stronger actor, a better songwriter, and a deeper, smarter contributor to the greater good.

Since then, she has appeared in several plays and independent films, and can be seen in the upcoming Joseph Manes short, "Of Love & Lead". Wade's acting experience and soulful voice seem to work together to deliver their passionate songs of love with some feeling.

In 1999, Wade joined forces with Eliane Delage with whom she formed the five member band, WADE. Since then, they have been playing many clubs in Hollywood and the Los Angeles area as a duo as well as with the whole band. You can email Wade Barrett at:

Eliane Delage

Eliane Delage

Lead guitarist and producer/arranger, Eliane Delage was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, "the same year man walked on the moon and Sesame Street was launched".

With an early passion for music, she learned the guitar at age 11 and kept studying music for eight years, attended the Faculdade Marcelo Tupinamba and earned a Bachelors in Classical Guitar, and The Guitar Institute of Technology where she graduated in 1987. She is currently studying in the Recording Engineer Program at Golden West College in Southern California.

She joined many rock bands in Brazil and then moved to New York in 1993, joining the funk band, ABOVE AND BEYOND, playing many clubs around town.

As a producer, from 1994 to 1996, she oversaw several projects for the Institute of Audio Recording in New York. She also produced two albums for Brazilian artist Meco Filho and her own album, PLASMA in 1999. She is a very creative arranger and an accomplished lead guitarist. As Wade stated, "a small person with big guitar riffs!". Certainly, her playing deserves hearing and watching.

In 1999, Eliane began collaborating with Wade Barrett, writing new songs and forming the band WADE. They're currently performing on the L.A. scene at venues such as The Mint, The Gig, Highland Grounds and on May 30th they will perform at The Opium Den at 9 pm (formerly The Gaslight where Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix once performed). For more info email Eliane at:

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