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Featured Songwriters

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Jimi B once came in on a rainy day to record an interview on Coverunner Radio. We were having such a good time that the interview (which I usually try to keep to 20 minutes) ended up as a five-part, 90 minute interview. Lucky for he and I, Coverunner Radio had been chosen as the Editor's Pick for the month of January. We both received lots of emails from listeners who heard the interview which airs on Coverunner Radio at Jimi was raised in Toronto, Canada and has a large fan base there, as he was formerly in the band Abraham's Children which received quite a bit of airplay up there. 

Jimi recently completed a tour in Canada with his former band, Abraham's Children, along with Styx, Journey and some other bands. He also released a new CD, Jimi B - "Through the Eyes of Vincenzo".



Very Powerful Video editing program at half the price of Final Cut Pro.

ACID Pro - Create Cool Music Tracks with just your mouse.

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Click Banner to go to is a great site operated by digital audio program makers, Sonic Foundry (Acid Music, Vegas Audio, among others). AcidPlanet is a gathering place for digital musicians (mostly techno, rap and dance) using ACID Music (digital wav. loops of real instruments which the user can paint into tracks into a timeline). Great, crisp tracks can be produced in minutes. At the site they feature new uploads of songs produced on Sonic Foundry programs. There is a fast moving competition of musicians who vie for top billing by getting good reviews from other site users. AcidPlanet features contests where each week you can download 8 loops from a well known band and remix it anyway you see fit. They offer a free download of an 8 track version of ACID. Remix contests include loops from The Beastie Boys, Garbage and other artists. There's not a lot of songs with lyrics posted there, but there are some cool grooves to be heard. They run a radio stream of the top songs as well. I, old folksinger that I am, hooked #13 in the Hip Hop catagory for some Rap tracks I did for a client who never paid me. Ha!

Check out my two tunes produced on the basic ACID Music program. Keep in mind as you listen that I didn't play a single instrument to produce these songs. Check out THE LOUNGE through the banner link above. Once there, search under "Noel Diotte" and listen and download "Under the Pointed Hat" and "Zen Teacher".

Discover Sonic Foundry's Digital Audio Products

Sonic Foundry makes some of the most intuitive audio and video digital software including ACID Music , Vegas Video 4.0 + DVD (I use version 3.0 for multi-track recordingas well as video editing), and Sound Forge. All of which allows you to record, edit and produce high quality digital files on your PC and convert them to streaming files for the web. Coverunner is now an affiliate for Sonic Foundry. Click through this link to check out their products.

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Featured Songwriters