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Featured Songwriters II

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Local Area Songwriters


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Hess 'n Zeiss - "Neo" Folk/Rockers
This group of Songwriters and Performers are from the beach area south of Los Angeles. Songwriter, Mike Hess is very active in the local music scene promoting Open Mics and Songwriter Showcases at a number of South Bay venues including Suzy's (formerly The Hermosa Steakout),  Sacred Grounds in San Pedro among others. See Link Below:
Songwriters in this group are: Hess 'n Zeiss (Mike Hess & Leslie Zeiss), Maia Sharp, Teri Hitt, Chad McCann, Kevin Howland, Lily Wilson, Jim West (We play Jim's wonderful Hawaiian slack-key guitar music from his album, Coconut Hat on Coverunner Radio), Tami Michele & Bob Felton, Joe Brucato, Mick Overman and Cameron McDonald.
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Hawaiian Slack-key Guitarist, Jim West

Lily Wilson - StarBound Songwriters Member