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Coverunner Classifieds


Coverunner Classifieds
Coverunner Classifieds
Winter Welcome
Spring: Swallows & Surfing
Secret Coves: Little Harbor
Buffalo on Catalina Island
Ocean Gallery: Surfing Big Waves
Tarantula Hawk - Ambient Rock
An Alaskan Cruise
Music and Technology
Featured Songwriters: Wade
Coverunner Playlist
Worldwide Listeners
Featured Songwriters II
Music from Noel Diotte
A Short-Fish Story
Letters from Abroad
Audio & Video Production
Advertise your business or items for $5.00 a month. Four Line Maximum.

Note: To place an ad you should email me at Please use only your own email address, especially if you are using PayPal. Include your full name & mail address in your submissions and include a phone number. Also, let me know how you intend to pay. Posting of your ad will appear within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Please keep your copy down to four lines.
Audio Visual

For Sale: New projector !!!  Infocus LP280
1000 ANSI Lumens SVGA with carrying case and all cables. Two available $1199.00 each. Ask for Lawrence.  626.289.6400

For Sale: Two Kustom 15" 2-way trapezoid speakers. $250.00 or best offer. Good condition. Black carpet covered. Used with QSC 1500 amp with no problem. Will fit on Ultimate stands. Located Redondo Beach, Ca. Noel Diotte 310 376-7057
For Sale: Tascam 1508  8 channel multi-track Audio Mixer. $350.00 firm. 8 mic/line inputs, tape in/out/inserts on each channel. 2 aux send/returns, tape in/out. Monitoring section for all subs. Stereo main/monitor outs. Unbalanced outputs (RCA). Desktop model. Noel 310 376-7057
For Sale: AVL Dove X2 Dissolve Unit. $200.00 firm. Supports AVL Genesis, Coyote programmers or you can manually "pickle" thru 3 Kodak E-II, III multi-image projectors with a  2 second dissolve, record the cues on tape and playback your show automatically. Noel 310 376-7057
For Sale: Chief MSU- 2 Projecor Stacker (2 available). $100.00 each firm. Supports two Kodak E-II, III and other 35mm slide projectors. Aligns horizontal/Vertical. Noel 310 376-7057
For Sale: Elmo Omingraphic 35mm Slide Projectors (2 available). $50.00 each firm. Multi-image projectors with two lamp housings - auto change-over, with 4-8" Apollo zoom lens. No lamps. One has lens stuck in projector. Noel 310 376-7057
Boating: Electronics

"CVS106 Mk II Color Sounder Bronze Thru-Hull w/Depth, Speed, & Tmep"

Home Improvement
For Sale: Anderson Approx. 24x30" weatherproof/double glazed window. $75.00  firm. Clean. Was used indoors in a recording studio voice-over booth. White vinyl. Crank open outward. Noel 310 376-7057
For Sale: 8' Fiberglass Ladder $20.00  firm. Clean. No paint. Good condition. Noel 310 376-7057
For Sale: Body Glove Mens Large Full Wet Suit $99.00 - On sale now at - Get your winter suit now! No tax & Free Shipping on orders over $100. Click below.

Body Glove  Pro Wetsuit - Adult Large
Body Glove Pro Wetsuit - Adult Large

Best Value - Best Service: 436 x 60

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Winter Welcome