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Tarantula Hawk Rocks!

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Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula Hawk - An ambient rock band from San Diego, California.

Tarantula Hawk is an ambient rock band from San Diego consisting of Dave Warshaw on drums, guitar, sampler, Dylan Scharf on keyboard, guitar, and my son Braden Diotte plays bass, sampler/keys and is the producer on their recording efforts and webmaster for their website.

They have been playing dates in the San Francisco/Oakland area and the Northwest around Seattle. They released their first self-titled CD, Tarantula Hawk last year which consists of one 26 minute cut and a 60 minute video of one of their long jams.  They just released two other untitled CDs (No titles, no cut names, but one big listening experience).

They're interested in doing soundtracks for film, so I thought I'd try it out on Mother Nature's fury in a quasi-surfing video, "The Storm of '98". It seems to work well with the big waves and storm damage we experienced here in the winter of 1998. Go to the Tarantula Hawk site and listen or download some 128 kbps MP3s files of their music, or buy a CD.

The band completed a tour of the Southwest lasts summer and play a lot of dates in the SF/LA area as well. Check out their website for updates, download some of their music and buy a T-shirt with their great logo on it.