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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Topic: Songs, Evil & Writing
Noel: have been listening to your CD for several days. enjoying it. do you ever play it on your radio station? Tom*******************************************************************************************************Tom, Thanks for listening to my CD. I almost forgot about it. I do run a couple of my songs on Coverunner Radio. It's Not The End of the World, and Mercy Harbor. I still have work on 3 other songs. I think they are my best, but not yet recorded, Better Angels, about against the essence of evil, resisting it. Another, song Millennium, a quasi-fictional story about religious groups during the other century, 1900 where they were believing the "end of the world" was happening and about the Heaven's Gate group in San Diego who committed a mass suicide of 39 people hoping to "leave" by flying saucer to make a connection with the Hal Bopp comet. Both stories are about people that had great belief, but showed to be based on erroneous hope. I was writing those songs before the change of the century, 2000. I kept getting lots of stories from many newscasters and many people were getting scared about some big impending disaster. The big scare before 2000 was the unfounded "2k Threat" during the computer change of the clocks. Lots of fear was generated for people and many millions of dollars were spent to make sure it wouldn't mean doomsday. Click! At during the New Years Day the clock clicked on with no problems. A year later, the 9/11 attacks in 2001 were real. Many people believe that the attacks were planned just by outsiders as well perhaps by insiders. We will never know the truth about Pearl Harbor, JFK, Iraqi War and 9/11. I don't like conspiracy mongers. But, there are real facts in conspiracy. That's the problem. You never can know anything. Even after the government reports, everyone wonders about the facts that were not answered in the officials reports. There are thousands of books with detailed facts on all these topics. Usually, those acts will be in infamy as each bit of information leaks out. For Pearl Harbor, most scholarly historians understand that the attacks were created to get the People and the Congress to agree towards war. Prior, Pearl Harbor most American citizens were not willing to commit to World War II against to Hitler. For most scholarly types already understand the causes for 9/11 and the Iraqi War and the ensuing police powers. It seems that evil groups use us, the people in order that the powerful men can work in their own evil agenda. Simply, there are very powerful men in the government and in international powers who will take advantage from Citizens, and so that the during chaotic events where the powerful can become even wealthier. They are willing to kill thousands of people, so the powerful to be even wealthier. It's not just money, the love of money, Biblical, is filthy ocre (gold). It's about power. It's a trap for many individuals that play the "power game" from every corporate bosses, to politics, to international intrigue. It's like being sucked into the Mafia. Once you get "in" where you will never get "out". When the song, Better Angels was written by me. I didn't understand the song. I didn't understand the implications for that song, the essence of evil. For me, it was about my own personal resistance against spiritual evil. Now, I am even more aware of this world than before. Perhaps, I may add two other verses for Better Angels for updating that song and the preceding thoughts herein. Perhaps, I'll update my songs and record them before I die. I've been working on and off for almost ten years on that album. I've made a number of demos and different versions of Cd's, graphics and liners . Perhaps, I've never made a fixed release. I never found any assistance from a producer to do the project CD right and I never had the $2,500. money for a batch minimum to make 1,000 discs. At least my album won't be dated by keeping it perpetual. I still want to perform again, since I have a lot to say now. My "brain damage" (according by law, Aphasia), the stroke did destroy my ability on my right side for speech and memory for my audible, singing lyrics is still difficult for me. At least the some other parts of my brain are still repairing. I've been developing my other intellectual "muscles" just like someone who is blind, who can develop their other senses to compensate for a lost sense. I hope I will enjoy music again some day. I could clip on some printed lyric pages on a music stand to perform. If the page gets lost by a wind, I'd be lost. I can't hold even a phrase of a song by memory, considering that I had about 60 songs in my repertoire in my memory, including my own songs. My musical technical skills, guitar playing, are still fine. The area for technical abilities still works for me for complicated computer programs for video editing. For navigation skills during a long trip (from Catalina to Newport Harbor for 15 hours during heavy wind and until early morning to arrive) with no physical aids for navigation (no buoys or land) where a friend sailed while he trusted me to plot loran coordinates (numbers) on a paper chart. We got there to the harbor. Considering, I was only three days after I got out of the hospital. The rest of my mind was very cloudy. So, as my writing ability shows (some may differ regarding my writing and perhaps by my cloudy thinking) still the technical skill is not impaired and perhaps even enhanced. For me, I'm happy, thankful, that in my life that I still have an outlet for creativity. So, now I take every opportunity to use the gifts that my Creator gave to me while I have it. You might want to read the psychological fictional book, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (1966) and the film based on it, Charly (1968) to think about the mystery of the mind. Daniel Keyes ++++++++Performing at Hava Java Coffee Shop in 1995. Send $10.00 including shipping & postage for a CD and lyrics of unrecorded songs of Mercy Harbor by Noel Diotte.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Now Playing: Music Review -
Forced Call – “Off The Clock”
August 27, 2005. Concert on Redondo Beach Pier

On the horse-shoe fishing pier amid with hundreds of tourists strolling, fishermen hooking up with lots of fish, sailboats heading back to the marina, made for a great backdrop of the ocean for a warm evening during this second concert in Redondo Beach. Forced Call, this L.A. high energy Rock/Blues band are members from many crew from the film and TV industry (many Union Locals, i.e., Paramount JAG). The band’s name, Forced Call is an industry term for working overtime. Their last album CD title, "Off The Clock" about this working theme and this hard-working band.

John Parker, Lead Guitar and Vocals (Chicago Bob Nelson, Big Joe Jackson, Butch Travette & the Alley Cats and the late Piano Red). I’ve known Parker in the marina yacht club late-night music jams for years ago while he was crafting and performing his songs. Now, I’ve watched his energy guitar blues licks, his powerful “growling” vocals. Now even more, he is gregarious and fun on stage as a lead-man. Considering with chemotherapy treatments within weeks before getting back on stage and also just got a new liver from a donor. Talk about the blues! The joy of the Blues shows his love for his music, his unbeatable faith of life and humor.

The crowd enjoyed the sun going down on the pier during a short break, while Parker motioned them to watch for the sailing mythic “green flash” that never seems to be found at the very last bit of sun on the horizon. Nevertheless, the whole crowd waited until it went down. Of course, they were still enjoying the ruse and enjoyed the beauty of the evening anyway.

A rendition of Parker’s, Oreo Cookie Blues, fun song about being strung-out like a drug dependency, except the story about craving the sugar white filling and the two chocolate cookies. I had heard an earlier home recording of this tamer, but a good song. I had got to see this full and energized group play on this walking blues song. Available Live Redondo Beach Concert CD. Download:Oreo Cookie Blues

Danny Costello, Lead Guitar & Vocals (Toto and Joe Cocker. Danny has also been privileged to open for Edgar Winter, B.J. Sharp, Dick Dale and Three Dog Night) On Costello’s, No Place to Hide, I’m interested about songs about current (U.S. Government/Oil) and other social ills. Costello’s lyrics are "about the way the world is run by oil companies and how nobody cares about people anymore. 'The Lady' is Lady Liberty and how far we have strayed from our beliefs and morals in this country. 'No Place to Hide' refers to how much longer can we continue to destroy the planet until it falls apart”.

Costello’s song, Truth Will Set You Free, “is about people who only worship money and material things and how their soul is empty and their heart restless and troubled. The 'Truth' refers to belief in a Higher Power and how inner peace can be found through a belief in God”.

As a DJ on web-radio, Coverunner Radio – Ocean/Island Music, my music plays Folk, Country, Quasi-reggae and Trop-Rock (Buffett-like), so the full-tilt Blues/Rock songs were off the genre. I also throw in a number of my social commentary and spiritual songs in the mix. I like to have my listeners to hear some ideas other than sailing away on an island, from Margaritaville, the idyllic lifestyle. I had hoped to see the live concert of a couple of these recordings by Forced Call on No Place to Hide and Truth Will Set You Free which I have become to know since put on the air. I found the live performances of these songs were still enjoyable.

Many of their songs aren’t only three chord blues progressions. Their songs are well-crafted with these good Chicago Blues progressive tunes. Danny Costello’s voice is compelling for both of these songs as well as the feeling. Other songs to noticed on the CD from “Off The Clock”, John Parker’s, City Nights and Danny Costello’s, Red White and Blue (it’s not what you think), and Rock N Roll (the cure for his ills).

Steve Halter, Keyboards, (worked as a full time session player/arranger for over 20 years). As their bio says, “When its time for his solo, he just closes his eyes, feels the vibe and lets his soul take over.” Certainly it was evident of this during on the stage. The physical movement of his work on the keyboard also made for great energy for the whole band as well for great playing virtuosity.

Tom Costello, Drums & Backing Vocals. His hard-working work is evident. (Ike & Tina Turner, The DeFranco Family, Christopher Cross, Eddie Money, Rick Springfield, The Elton John Band, Joe Cocker and Jace).

Tris Duke Carpenter, (Several years touring New England and New York with regional blues and rock bands. Formerly, a member of The Dell Shannon Band)

Jeff Akerman, Saxophone, (an LA native, began studying with renowned composer and arranger, Lennie Neihaus. Played with Gayle McCormick from A Group Called Smith, as well played with other local soul and pop bands. Three years worked in the studio with Masque in Hermosa Beach, also playing locally and at The Improv and The Roxy with them. Living in Mississippi for 2 years, he learned what The Blues is really all about while jamming with New Orleans blues and jazz players including Delta blues artist, Son Thomas.

Forced Call brings tight musicianship, traditional Blues Rock and some cross-over of progressive blues tunes. Their gigs in the Los Angeles area should be seen live. Many of these tunes will continue to play on Coverunner Radio’s playlists. website

Coverunner Radio – Ocean/Island Music

Noel Diotte

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Monday, August 15, 2005
Living on the Hook: Alternative Transportation
Now Playing: Electric Bikes: Leaving Your Car at Home?
Most of the world uses vehicles like these for getting around. I had begun to my cruise to live on the boat along the Southern Californian coast. I had yet not decided what to do with my car, a '96 Ford Aerostar minivan ("Soccer Mom"), a nice vehicle. I'd had a number of financial hits, a $360.00 photo red light ticket, another $300.00 for trying to smog the vehicle and I had no place to park the car some where in LA. I had reduced my income by half by the boat payments and boat slip which was now leaving my ex. By not having a car, insurance and gas, I saved myself by about $500.00 a month. I repossessed the vehicle and handed them over the keys. I had begun to riding on an e-bike, an electric bicycle, a Merida Power Cycle. This 400 watt/24 volt electric motorized bike called a Power Assist Vehicle (PAV) was able to give me about 15 mph and with a range of about 18 miles. They are OK. I had bought a few of these new bikes for about $200.00 on Ebay. Usually these quality Taiwanese bikes are about $799.00. The Merida ebike is also the "Step-Thru" version sold to Lee Iaccoca's's very well-know GlobalEV Ebike, EV Global the 24 volt and 36 volt, which has all the bells and whistles such as cruise-control, lights, signal lights and mirrors. Usually these cost about over $2,000. The Merida Power Cycle has sensors on the pedals that activates the motor. But, you must pedal them to get the "assistance". You can't just cruise directly by turning on a switch, like many scooters. Instead you get a lot of exercise. The benefits beside of getting healthy (I lost 25 lbs since), you get the assistance for going up hills. Usually, I can pedal up hills while sitting on the seat. On very steep hills on first gear I have to stand up on the pedals. The little Heinzman (German) motor is also integrated with a four-speed (Nexus) transmission rather than a big gear sprocket. The "tranny" is also shifted electronically by using a twist-grip on the handle bar. The 20 lb. battery pack (lead sealed acid) is removable. I'm able to run almost from (20 miles) the beach bike path and up to Beverly Hills. There, I remove the battery pack and bring a 4 lb. charger upstairs on the 12th floor of The Four Seasons Hotel, where I charge battery in about 4 hours. Costs them for about a nickle of electricity. I did fabricate another 24 volt (18 lbs more) pack. I made a harness to tap into the contacts underneath the original battery pack. Yes, this gives me 36 miles for distance. But, this gets a bit heavy, about 40 lbs. If I wanted to purchase for a (Nickle Metal Hydride) lighter battery by 40% less and for about $400.00 or more and get a different charger. The 36 mile ride does hurt after a day of working and riding. A long ride against 15+ mph winds can be tiring (including the bum). Usually, I throw on the bike rack on the bus or on the train for half of the trip. I haven't really had any problems for rain although I will ride if it's seriously raining. The Ebikes are heavier. Most of the regular racing bikes will be faster and are lighter. The Merida is great for about 10 mile trips for the bank or the grocery store. I shop regularly (remember, I don't have a car) on the bike. I have two folding canvas panniers on the rack and have a rack pack bag. I usually can fill up quite a few bags of groceries for a week ($60.-70). I also usually carry my propane bottle for the boat stove and two gallon bottles and also stuff in other groceries in the pack bags. I carry tools on the bike doing carpentry work around the marina. I can at least roll along the long docks rather than leaving a car and instead of lugging stuff by hand. Luckily, my ride home is all downhill. In fact, I found this other Chinese bike, the ELITE. I found for about $30.00 and fixed it up and sold it. It had a generative hub motor that charged up the battery by running downhill. I could actually pedal very fast to top off the battery. I've played with a lot of these 200-500 watt bikes. Next I will be looking to some of the next generation of electric bikes that have 1,000+ watt bikes that can drive around at about 25 mph and have a range for 30 miles before after charging. To be Legally for under 1,000 watts (Federal and most States) means you you can drive without a license and use most bike paths. At that point they will be considered legal at Motor Driven Cycles at that point. There are a few new bikes that can ride about 50 mph. I'm very excited about a new electric motorcycle VectrixUSA Vectrix a scooter that speeds up to 62 mph in 6.8 seconds and ranges up to 70 miles on a charge ...and has no emissions! They are looking for a hydrogen/electric & diesel/electric hybrid scooters as well. Has been testing in Europe and should be expected in 2006.....I've never been a rabid environmentalist. But, If you really believe there might be a better way to make the world better...rather than continuing to pollute, being hostage to fuel costs $3.00 gallon), gridlock, waging war for oil, etc....Now people shoot regularly at the freeways in LA. At least, I don't miss not having a car there. This is insanity, if you think about it! You might find each of you to find a new way to get from here to there.+++++++ Noel Diotte

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Now Playing: On The Hook - Ending the Cruise
Topic: Retrospect
On The Hook - Ending the Cruise June 16, 2005 For the last six months, great changes have occurred since I last wrote. When we last found me cruising on the boat in late October at Alamitos Bay in Long Beach. I had been cruising around Catalina Island and a few anchorages near Malibu. I had intended to make Avalon on Catalina Island to make my home on then moorings this picturesque little town. It's like a Mediterranean village with small cottages along the hillside. The church bell rings on the harbor a few times each day. I was hoping to do some writing, history and know some of the locals there. The internet provider there covers most of the area including over the bay. I was hoping to broadcast live on Coverunner Radio from the boat. I was getting the boat ready for supplies and was cleaning the bottom of the dinghy. I had been riding the electric bike for seven miles and then took the train up to work in Hollywood. It was riding in the rain for the last few days. I was getting tired out. So, I rented a car for the last day of work. Next day, I had hauled the dinghy, scraped off lots of growth, and rubbed surfboard wax on the hull hoping that it might work stop the growth (it's ok). I just turned the dinghy over the dock and slipped it into the water. I felt a little bit tired, but I had been doing a lot of work. I was just about to get onto the big boat and starting to make some coffee. My left leg was straddled into cockpit of the boat. The right side was straddled on the dock. I was stuck. I couldn't really move again. I was aware of tunnel-vision and everything cloudy around my peripheral vision, or hear any sound. Yet, I still had acute clarity about what was happening. I noticed that my right arm was doing a little snake dance voluntarily. Sometimes it would go behind my back and then fly around on the air. Sometimes it seemed to have been disappeared. Finally, I grasped the left hand and secured the flailing right arm. For a few minutes I just sat there. I realized that something might be wrong. Soon, for who knows when, I finally was able to move again. I moved down below onto the boat. I changed my wet clothes from cleaning the boat, put on warm clothes, socks, shoes and everything I needed it wallet, keys, Blackberry etc. Turned off the propane gas, electrical and closed the thru-hull valves on the boat. I knew I was going to the hospital. I made sure that I'd at least be warm, hospitals always make me cold. I'd make sure there was at least comfort. I couldn't talk verbally or still couldn't try to even know to be able to make effort to communicate or visually to wave by a few of the boaters next by. I was able to use the Blackberry phone, could actually control of the menus, some of my technical ability for part of the brain to make those things to work. When my son called me, but I couldn't talk. I couldn't cry and make any sense verbally. I only was cussed and could only use the only word I could. Use called as "Crumped" was the only word I could use (I have my some recorded speech during that crisis). My son spent over an hour talking me trying to get some info from me by twenty questions. He didn't know where I might be have moved the boat recently, was I on Catalina? No. Paradise Cove? No. Finally he figured out that I was in Alamitos Bay. He was able to get on the phone with the Harbor Patrol and was able to find me easily, the office was just across the boat. The Fire CRT people tried to check me out and took me down dock on a gurney. My neighbor had recently interviewed & photographed both him and me for an Orange County newspaper about liveaboards. As he went by my rescuers, my neighbor came by his boat. He gave me a clipping of the article and photo about me. I was able to give it to them and only point to it them. It gave me at least some sense about my lost identity. I started to relax a bit and felt that they had control on the situation. This was the end of my cruise. During the next few months the start of recovery was to start and now a complete change of my life. It turns out that the winter storms (call nor'easters. Usually this is the calm lee side) on the Avalon where I had been headed to. They got blasted there a few times. They lost boats, had torrential rains and had six foot surf. I saw three headlines with scary photos on The San Diego Log, the boating newspaper. Who knows what else had occurred to me instead. Mercy Harbor (her hidden name). Noel Diotte Coverunner Radio - Ocean/Island Music Website: Listen:

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Monday, November 22, 2004
Every Day is Better, Thanks.
I'm doing greatly. Physically I'm good can biking around, psychologically, everything is mostly abouts things like learning.

I can talk a lot of conversations word vocabulary lost, spotty talking is pretty good. Some days I will seem normal. During some days I'll have so patchy sentences, I'm looking for substitutes for new words or will remember new words or will stutter new sylables, lost of spelling.

The worst problem is my old enthusism about sunjects. I'm able to know all my intellectual abilities from years for my years of incessant subjects. I can't are frustrated because I can't work fragmented talking. Reading is lost to enjoy. It takes a labor for a chapter or is difficult.

I've started a few of my songwriters are almost to actually making a few melodies and actually played performance with song, harmonica and my songs first. Old ones are lost songs. Can old song sheets, no songs able memorized not able. I had problems bad before for memorization for my whole live for my whole life.

Every today I'm feeling starting to feel for the first day seems for the first day to actually has some crasp of my comprehesion...sp. Words. A little bluring, sound is loud enough but makes doesn't quality for audio is lost.

I might sing some guitar/harmonica for some Old GasLight downtown in San Diego to make some effort to perform for some money, and to tell therapy for people.I'm waiting for a few weeks for some Disability money I hope soon.

I'm getting great with from my son, Braden for doing great therapy daily making great strides for me of learning challenges. Braden learned from few pages from an hour therapist to give us a crash lesson. Must of the ideas he made for inovation lessons are helping. We certainly are giving me a new "Head Start" for me to do these times for therapy to help right away since the stroke. People get quick for therapy should be now.

We still have not been able to get into therapists or groups just has not been possible for County and other National Stroke help isn't got into a program yet. I'm very glad for the ready time for getting the next efforts and learning soon. I'll soon be gabbying back myself as the same old person soon. I'm sure I will soon have been a diificulty, old abilities will learn better. I got to do it can.

I can to do it over again "got to go back again" we'll see soon.

Noel Diotte
310 376-7057

or soon to will be as:

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Thursday, November 18, 2004
On The Hook, a sort a bit.

I appreciated your submission recently for The London Morning Paper on wednesday. Some day I will try to get effort an every day.

I do hope to learn any person my learn of the serious problems that millions of people (20 million U.5.) that can effect with high blood pressure, stress, smoking and many other causes that will occur for many for a stroke.

The CoveRunner was just recently sailing, free from a fairly stressed,I sailed and surfing waves, rode my electric bicycle for ten or fifteen miles each day. I lost about twenty pounds of weight for a year I recently lost.

I did also for years of terrible junk food. I was not worst of the fast food. Years will cause a toll. I enjoyed a good steaks, pasta, cake, etc. I loved it all. I didn't have a beer, may be beer maybe two. No real excess.

Twenty two years of addiction for smoking was difficult. I alway enjoyed smoking. I never played games about quitting for cigarettes. I was easy doing the "cold turkey" while I was in at the hospital. I was able to get a chance right now to stop addiction.

I'm glad for my son, my relatives and friends are getting smoke free right away now.

I'll follow you some of the problems for the stroke for brain damage, communication therapy, and info about the interesting changes have made for me to deal with me and friends since this.

I am looking for this optimistic changes. Problems with Strokes can be months and years of other patients. It will certainly change your whole life. Hope is certainly for everyone. Problems can certainly be potential strokes before you now.

Every sentence for a few efforts takes a few hours. I use to get ideas quickly within a few minutes then. I'll show you how some of the efforts for old paths of memory, and some for new paths are renewed for fresh learning. Not some things are not intact.

We may be able to soon find later what may be for new problems, that's sort of waiting for the wobbling of the coin. Once the coin flats on the heads or the tails side. After that problem we'll see why may never be different. Life whole else may once again be a new person again.

Time will tell me later. Who knows?
Some days are good. Some days are terrible as work. As we shall see.

Noel Diotte
310 376-7057

Coverunner Radio - Ocean/Island Music


Sent wirelessly from the sailboat, "Shearwater" off the Southern California coast.

Noel Diotte
310 376-7057

Coverunner Radio - Ocean/Island Music


Sent wirelessly from the sailboat, "Shearwater" off the Southern California coast.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004
Shearwater Looking for our old Friend

I'll going out to the boat on Newport this monday. I want to see my computer out of my boat so I can guess some work later.

I got a two days and figure a way I might get a less boat..we'll see. Looked up at some older boats around 30' boats I looked for in San Diego. I'm waiting for a few months until my brain is addled when I seeks another boat later.

There's some nice boats on over 1970-80s that have good gear on old boats. Even the old girl on Shearwater 1988 needs a fixing now. We'll see.

Getting a simple slip/liveaboard for a boat in the $20k makes a simple life would make easy for me. Looking what I'll be able for EDD disability for a year..will see when we see some eggs from the government first when we actually gets..

Better even day I've feeling today. I
So far I'm getting a percentage like 1% ever even each day on writing and words. Optimistic. Hope all fog dispelled soon.

Thank you for my friends!
Soon I'll be making the old gabby person soon will be to make won't be too long.

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Monday, November 8, 2004
"Shearwater" waiting dear old girl. She's waiting for me to get back some day.
Now Playing: The whole of the boat waiting for me some day.
My old plastic shell of my boat, has no one to here
to see with every one else gone.I left my whole of my boat was my life I've known of these sixteen years. Echos of all left another to broken of the worken stays, brown old teak, rusted of stainless hardware, that could call of the whole rigging to bring the whole mast to full once again it will never disaster again. How can I ever again once again cleaned, fouled, hull, scum come all new getting my broken parts still need to more once to make it renewed. All stories I had are like wind in the stays of howling ghosts waiting. When are beliefs are gone. Like an old dereliction of old letters, love was there but no more, but not never again. Old scraps. Old sail tatters of our sail repaired. Cannot I ever to make all what is only to be saved while a small mud and sand bank, while we are just a few feet of water almost all is to once to be be made against. Will I start a who whole start once again. How can I once again to see all is so more about me high over the flood I am to able. I'm enable to do what I did who I once was a person the same person I was read from a long time. How with all i be the same person as a new person that I used to be. Hope again. Can "Shearwater" once again to bring grace me again.

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Friday, November 5, 2004
The Blog for Shearwater
Now Playing: Sail from Alamitos to Catalina and then to Newport Harbor
I tried to find a new effort to find a new mooring for Shearwater. The Two Harbor/Catalina Island Harbor would not allow us to leave the untended boat there. I had to sail from Alamitos for 24 nm to Catalina to get there first. It was a waste of our time. Always cruising a fun sail to the island, but we they didn't find a new port now.

We took another sail there for a forty miles of a sail to Newport Harbor. It took a sail with Randy Probst during a 18-20 knot, northeast winds, took for us from 9 am to 12 midnight to get there until Newport Harbor.

We had a fun trip. Will be able to get there for about twenty or sixty days for the moorings there. $5.00 for each day there. We'll see what we're going to do next time.

We may try Dana Point next for more for fifteen days there. We'll see next.

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Friday, October 29, 2004
Thankful for Coffee
Now Playing: The Golden Hill Coffee
Today I was able to hang out the Golden Hill coffee shop at the diner. My son, Braden had once called it as the "greasy spoon" once. Of course, it was OK, nice people not really dirty. Nice OK. I made not to make so that he wouldn't hear me to say on my writings.

Great coffee. I only had four dollars, I let hear know what she could help me could give to do this. I didn't ask her what she could gave me. I told her what she get to me. I didn't know it might have given to me....I thought maybe it was a donut...she said it was a donut, what was it was? A sticky bun? Didn't tell me what it was to hear me. It was a biscuit, fresh! Butter, warm, jam...not bad. I need to ask next time. First time since I had a problem making sure I will have this. Waitress, just gave me the problem for me, he didn't I really solved me to help.

I've had it for crappy coffee from 7/11 for a days. The great coffee at the hospital, for four days of the rest of the hospital. The food at the hospital of the rubber food. The coffee was great. Two cups for every meal was to save my life at the hospital. Pancake and greasy bacon wasn't amazing for somebody that was supposed to be part of their way to die. I guess it's ok for them to die for dieticians. The two cups every meal was excellent for me. I add everything you gave me, spinach, zucchini, grey-looking meat, might could have been turkey, or not really for sure what you got. I ate it everything. Good or for bad. It's good for to help me when you nothing when you're to eat. I could have been dead, so I'm thankful to eat, or see what ever day what could happened.

Coffee for the that or for a bisquit. Thank you for all we get and all the begin of the sun all of us.

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